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Del-Val Food Ingredients

Key Blends

Our Ingredients

Bakery Science is a custom formulator of bakery ingredients. Our emphasis is on the utilization of emulsifiers and enzymes and other technologies to achieve unique functional products that solve your pressing bakery science issues. Extended shelf life baked and fried snacks can achieve a shelf life of over 30 days! Our speciality bakery mixes are made just for your plant. The unique characteristics you get with our products can only be achieved with custom bakery mixes.

We are experts in the use of enzyme and emulsifier systems to add quality to bakery and other food systems.

Bakery Items

All of our mixes are available as super concentrates. Many of our bakery mixes are used at levels of 10 pounds of concentrate to every 100 pounds of flour. This will allow you to use more commodity ingredients saving you money when compared to conventional mixes and bases.

Make your Cakes Moister!

Bakery Science has a pre hydrated, easy to use form of poly glycerol esters with the highest water bind effect. Add 1 to 3 % based on flour and your cake will be transformed into a delicious, tender and moist cake. (Other emulsifiers may need to be reduced).

Cake Donut Shelf Life Extender

Our cake donut shelf life extender is a blend of monoglycerides, propylene glycol monoesters, guar gum, xanthan gum and enzymes will make your cake donuts fresher, longer. The proper blend of cake donut emulsifiers, gums and enzymes hold onto the water and prevent staling. This blend will replace the majority of emulsifiers and gums in you current formula. Cake donuts produced with our cake donut shelf life extender can have a shelf life in excess of 30-45 days!

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Danish, Sweet Dough, and Yeast Raised Donuts

Our concentrates can produce moist delicious pastries with a packaged shelf life exceeding 30 days! Our complete understanding of the fermentation process allows us to optimize your product.

English Muffins Concentrates

Excellent shelf life, large consistent pores and excellent flavor all available in a super concentrate

Bromate Replacers, Dough Conditioners, Bread Bases and Bagel Bases

Enzyme based solutions to your bread production problems. We provide custom blends of various enzymes combined with ascorbic acid and azodicarbonamide that will give excellent dough conditioning properties with a fairly "clean" label. Many of these enzymes are too powerful to accurately measure in a bakery. Our blends will combine the right enzymes in a easy to use level that is perfect for modern production plants.

Tortilla Concentrates

Tortillas that don't crack, stick and have excellent baking characteristics with no "grease spots" and can run on high speed production equipment are just a few of the characteristics found in our Tortillas.

Pretzel and Pizza Mixes

Complete mixes and bases to produce pretzels and pizza dough. Proper conditioning allows proper sheeting of pizza and forming of pretzels.

Pancakes and Waffles

Shelf stable, refrigerated or frozen pancakes and waffles with excellent flavor and texture. Also available in whole grain made with white whole wheat flour for a more nutrition. The whole grain version eats and tastes just like regular waffles.

Danish Concentrate, Mixes and Bases Tortilla Concentrates, Mixes and Bases
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Bromate Replacers Waffle Concentrates, Mixes and Bases
Dough Conditioners Pancake Concentrates, Mixes and Bases
Hearth Bread Mixes and Bases Icing Stabilizers for donuts and cream cakes
Bagel Concentrates, Mixes and Bases Shelf Life Extenders
Emulsion Systems Egg Replacers
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