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Bakery Science is the bakery science informational site of Key blends.

We are your source for technology based bakery ingredients and bakery mixes. Bakery Science will act as your consultant when you purchase our bakery mixes, leading you the way to higher quality and profits.

Are dry or stale products reducing your bakery sales? Key Blends concentrates can increase the moistness and shelf life of your baked goods. Our shelf life extenders can add weeks to the shelf life of yeast donuts, cake donuts, Danish, sweet dough and cakes.


Please contact Key Blends for information on purchasing our blends and concentrates for the baking industry.

Donut Boy

Our technical service is second to none. We strive to give our customers the best technical assistance in the baking industry.

Experience and knowledge is vital when picking a partner to supply your needs. All of our staff has over 25 years experience each in the food industry! Our experience can assist you with a quality food based solution.

Customized bakery mixes are our speciality! We specialize in custom bakery blends that are made for your operation. A custom bakery mix allows your product to have its own identity that is unique and different than your competition. Why buy the same mix that your competitor is using when you can buy custom bakery mixes.

Standard products we supply: Danish, sweet dough, yeast donuts and other high sugar yeast items. Emulsion systems for cakes, icings, pizza mix and base, bagel base, tortilla base, and other flour based products.

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